A personal message from George about Shelter

We all need and deserve a place to call home. Somewhere safe, secure and affordable. Any one of us could become homeless tomorrow. Together, we all face the consequences when thousands of families grow up in homes that are simply not good enough. And together, we can fix it.  

I’m proud to support Shelter, who are marking their 50th anniversary this year.  Since 1966, they’ve been a powerful voice for people facing bad housing and homelessness and today continue to strive relentlessly to give people the help they need and to campaign for change.  Together we believe that we can have a future where we all have a place to call home.

Shelter has recently launched the Great Home Debate, which we hope will be the biggest ever conversation about what home means in Britain today. It will help develop a standard of what an acceptable home should be for everyone – from those stuck in their childhood bedroom unable to afford a place of their own, to people with nowhere to go. It’s really important that this is something we define together as a nation – as Shelter plans to use it to make sure Britain does a better job of making sure we all have a place to call home.  The goal is to have a tangible measure to hold politicians, developers and landlords to account.

If you’d like to find out more and get involved visit www.shelter.org.uk/50

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  • David Fright

    Seeing the thousands of people who live on the streets nowadays is a sorry sight. So many people who are desperate to have a home of their own, where they can rest their head and feel secure, but are told by the Government that they have to fend for themselves. So many of them trying to get into temporary housing without success due to the massive shortage of properties out there.
    The facts are blaringly obvious to all. The Government is only building a handful of properties while paying housing associations to rent their properties to them. Any properties they do build, they sell them on to the tenant at a lower then going rate just to put a small amount of money in their pocket. Heavens forbid they should leave anything for the proceeding government! Just to make things even more difficult, they continue to take in more people into the Country who get prioritised over our own homeless.

    Thank you for everything Shelter.

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