Flat-pack homes

I love flat-pack technology

Flat pack houses are becoming one of the fastest growing products in the housing market, but make sure you do your research into the type of systems available to suit your particular site and your own personal taste.

The 3 main advantages of flat-pack homes is that the systems are very affordable, they are relatively easy to put together and they are also fast to build. Also, as all of the components are pre-made in the factory the standard of manufacture is usually very high. flat_packMany companies in the UK are now keen to jump on the ‘cheap to buy, easy to build flat-pack bandwagon’ so there is healthy competition in the market.

Obviously with flat-pack technology you are buying a standard item, in a similar way to buying a car, so there is very little scope for you to be adventurous with your own unique architectural design, but there are some interesting contemporary designs out there so its not much of a compromise.
Make sure you approach a manufacturer with a proven track record for high quality homes.
The Scandanavian’s have been developing flat pack systems for years and are still regarded as the best in the world so this is where your research should begin.

Personally, I love any prefabrication or flat pack technology and often think building this type of home is far more interesting and fun than a traditional self-build.

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  • Pamela Handy

    Hi George,

    Really glad you have launched this website and I am sure I will be a frequent visitor.

    I am a single person who wants to share her life with others although I am unsure exactly at this stage how this will work. I am planning to build my own home and have noted your advice, however, being inexperienced in construction please can you give a steer as to where to find the best flat pack companyies in scandivania?

    I look forward to receiving your response.



  • Liz S

    Having lived in Scandinavia for a few years many years ago, I absolutely agree with you! Flat packs make truly wonderful spaces to live in, and the construction method means that open plan living is easy! No sledgehammer required (sorry George, I know how you love wielding that thing!) you simply remove (or move) a stud wall!

    the bonus of course has always been the insulation properties, if you live in a country where it can easily be -20 deg, you get to know your onions when it comes to insulation.

    The biggest draw back in this country of course is the lack of single plots to build on, In Scandinavia it’s still very common for land to be parcelled up into individual plots and sold on in lots, particularly in less urban areas. It also means you don’t get acres and acres of what I call Toytown developments, little boxes all cramped together, all trying to look like something built by the Victorians (why do builders do that??? If I wanted to live in a Victorian house, I’d buy one!!!) In Scandinavia each home owner stamps their own individual style not only on the interior, but the outside too, making a far more interesting development!

    Finally though, you CAN get “bespoke” flat packs too, so you aren’t just restricted to what comes off the shelf… you work with a designer at the factory (certainly in Sweden anyway) and they can create a flat pack to your design….a bit more money of course (but then bespoke always is!) but still the same system with the same advantages.

    Which is another point.. with all these advantages, why do our builders still stick to traditional building methods? Again in Scandinavia, a developer will use them, for all of those reasons!

  • Alistair

    Does anybody know who designed the house above? I think it is a particularly beautiful design..
    Here in Germany having a house built to your own design or pre-fabricated on a building plot that you have selected is effectively the norm. It is just a shame the culture in Britain doesn’t allow for this…all we have is street after street of soulless boxes…

  • Ashleigh

    At present I am designing a mobile home containing a flat pack interior. I was wondering if anybody had an oppinion on the stimgma which is put upon nomadic people in the west? sorry if this seems out of context only i found the praise on flat pack homes interesting, as I always imagin that a negitive cloud is cast over the subject in Britain.

  • Jenny Rogers

    I totally agree with the replies above regarding flat pack properties. We live in the Charente in France in a flat-packed bungalow which was built approximately 35 years ago and is still as good as the day it was put up. The insulation is superb keeping us warm when the temperature drops to -15 and cool when it can get up to 38 degrees. We are unfortunately selling this property to return to the UK but will be looking for one of those elusive building plots to build something similar. However, we did have a prospective buyer view our bungalow and he turned round and said that under no circumstances would he buy a prefab. His loss, not ours.

  • Laura

    Can anyone suggest a company whose flat pack homes are available in the UK? Thanks

  • Suzzi

    I’m sure the building in the picture is one by Kingspan and the building is called the Lighthouse.. check out http://www.kingspanlighthouse.com. I know this because my partner and i were recently looking at self builds and we also both really liked this one!

  • Mrs Lynn Cannock

    My Husband and I are looking to find a plot and put on a flat pack house but a very luxury looking house and lots of open spaces and wood and glass.

    Can george give us any architects that he could recommend who do flat pack houses

    I really respect George Clarke as a brilliant architect.

  • Stuart Robbins

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good reliable manufacturer/supplier of quality Flat Pack Homes. Any info would be appreciated.


  • Sa

    Flat pack homes are becoming popular in the UK now. I hope alot more people will use them.

  • Mark

    Hi Guys,

    Can you recommend a manufacturer?

  • Colin walker

    Hello, could you help mefind the answer to two questions please.
    1, if you buy a plot of land and build a brick type house in England
    the finished property usually has an increase in value and usually
    continues as time goes by.
    Does the same apply with flat pack type properties?
    2, Coould you recomend any manufacturer that build flat packs to
    the customers design or at least tell me what wording to put to
    google to search for these manufactures as flat pack homes does
    not seem to get me very far..
    Thankyou colin walker

  • Fran Azari

    We supply and build pre-fabricated houses from a choice of many factories in Europe. This is to offer our customers the choice of design and budget. You do not need to pay the earth for high
    quality . In house architects also can design a bespoke house for you using this technology.

  • grahamfarrall

    we supply a full turn key house or just the envelope for you to finish as you wish see http://www.newbuildgroupuk.com also both these systems are watertight within the first week ,we currently are building 3 affordables in Wrexham . If you would like view please hurry .We started on 26th July and they will be finished to a very high standard in 2 weeks time

  • Ahmed Yoosuf

    I am interested in Building a flat pack home in Morocco. I would appreciate some advice on the matter , how to go about achieving this. I think its a fantastic idea and have been watching the beautiful houses have been build and have not cost the earth
    Kind regards

  • Ange

    Hi George

    I hear there is an estate of flat pack homes built for potential owners to view. Do you have any details as to where this is & how to arrange a viewing etc please?
    Thank you

  • katie parker


    Can you get Flat Pack Extensions?
    Are the Building Regs the same as normal extension requirements?


  • andrew dunbar

    im thinking of selling my house and gettting a flat pack house, could you give me a price for them many thanks

  • Stephen Shaw

    Looking a builidng a flat pack granny annexe for the in-laws. we are looking at selling our two houses and buying our family home with a garden big enough for a flat pack granny annexe that will be big enough for the in-laws to live in.

    being a QS I am looking at all the options and trying to get info on flat pack manufactures and costs. How much would a typical 2 bed annexe cost assuming all construction on site will be done by us? Can anyone recommend good companies with experience in this?

  • James Lee

    Hi guys, I am looking to have constructed a flat packed house/flat in a small plot of land with one bedroom or maybe studio flat (preferably ground floor?) for my future wife and myself. Could you recomend any manufacturers or retailers UK/Euro based that will be able to help us with our project?

    Your help is so much appreciated

  • Neil Strudwick

    I would like to learn more about the flat pack housing scheme in the UK if you have any more information. My goal is to bring my son up in a healthy environment. Older English Victorian homes and so called modern English brick houses seem to suffer from damp problems leading to long term health problems such as mold spores.

    Any information is greatly appreciated.


    Neil Strudwick

  • Jackson

    I agree with you the flat pack home concept just goes from strength to strength, I feel this is a concept that will only grow in popularity and appeal in the next decade

    This is my favorite flat pack design from Charlie Lazor.


  • Pravin Ramdany

    I have been doing a lot of research into timber frame kit homes, in terms of speed, looks and sustainability, its the one for me.

    In the U.k, there are a number of suppliers, predominantly based in Scotland. Check online you will find companies such as Scotframe, Baufritz and Cloud 9 that cater for all budgets. Tesco, Ikea also offer flat packed homes from 10k (amazing value) . I am personally looking at the lower end, so there’s another link attached to help you further.

    (just copy & paste onto address to bring up page)


    Remember plot size is important, no more than 30% ratio of building to land, and if you have a larger budget, you might be interested in adding this to your kit home to make it the ultimate pad. These conservatories are awesome, check the link below.


    I hope the information gives you a push in the right direction. Happy building, or in my case still, dreaming lol.

  • tom tilley

    looking for flat pack granny annexe for me and wife. thanks tom.

  • Fran Azari

    Anyone looking to build flat pack houses, try NESTANDINVEST.COM they design, build, and offer their own designs, they also will design your own house, full planning applications, it is a one stop shop for prefabricated houses. They build throughout Europe.

  • elizabeth

    If my experience is of any help to readers, I live in a flatpack house; my Swedish house was built just over 60 years ago for permanent occupation. It is dry, warm, cosy, with sunny and spacious rooms ( 3 bed semi) and the yellow wool insulation is as good as it was when built. All main rooms face south, the forerunner of modern ‘solar architecture’ and because the rooms warm with the slightest flicker of sunshine, heating is cheaper than a traditional house.

    Everyone who visits loves it – there are a couple of thousand others like mine around the country, many in Scotland (ex Forestry Commission) Restoration and care of these houses is simple, because we have done it, and extensions, conservatories etc can be added, modern windows fitted, with no more difficulty than with a more traditional build home.

    Pros: light and spacious living space with a large footprint, quick and economical to heat, never a trace of damp. Pipes do not freeze in winter, and steeply pitched roof throws off any weather. Like wooden Elizabethan houses, which have stood for centuries, the key is the simplest one – good footings and roof safeguard the wooden structure, which hardens and becomes even stronger over time, especially if built in Baltic Pine, which has the same qualities as oak. Cons: slight hike in insurance costs pro rata, and not all firms will insure.

    My house in East Yorkshire is up for sale due to changes in family commitments, and so is the one attached. Must be a unique historic double buy for friends or family wanting to live together in eco harmony!

  • Russ Svatt

    It’s encouraging to see that lenders seem to be warming to the idea that financing this sort of ‘alternative to bricks and mortar’ dwellings is actually a good idea. http://www.masthaven.co.uk/news/?p=831

  • mrs s mcmillan

    i have my own drawings for an eco house large i am looking for someone to make and deliver to the site and build same

  • Andrew Humphries

    We bought a standalone garden office off this company a few years ago now and I know that they do flat pack extensions and granny annexes. http://www.wentworthgardenrooms.co.uk/

    It was a while ago, but I’m sure I remember one of their guys saying they had to do them to building regs.

    Not sure what their extensions are like, but if they’re anything like my office they’ll be great/

  • James Hubbard


    I am looking to build a contemporary two build flat at the back of my parents garden. We can run the services from the main residence i.e. water/gas & electricity. However, as we want to rent this out to tenants we want them to have meters and separate bills etc.

    Is there a way we can add additional meters which run from the main existing house and run to the new flat in which we will be able to separate usage between the two properties?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  • Helen

    Just wanted to mention a local firm in Cumbria who make beautiful lodges, they work from an old aircraft hanger on Kirkbride Airfield and I have been amazed at the extraordinary interior design and attention to detail they provide. We often see a lodge passing by on the back of a wagon and each one is so different. Check out their website maybe flatpack purchasers may find these interesting.

  • Iain Cameron

    Hi guys, I just came across this thread whilst looking for something on the subject of ‘Flat Pack homes’ and in answer to many of the queries, we design and build such houses. They can be any shape or size, and our specialisation is high eco-performance. As an example, in mid-Wales last winter, one of our most recent customers barely had to have his heating on; his small woodburning stove did the job in the evening, and the Heat Recovery system kept the house nice and toasty throughout the day. Check our website if you are interested in talking about designs etc. Iain at tyafal in mid-Wales.

  • Steve Mc Abla

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say wonderful blog!

  • Lang Beland

    Agreed. I suspect this was dreamt up by an SEO person

  • Aoife Coughlan

    Hi, I’m hoping to extend my timber framed house. I feel one of the quickest and least intrusive options may be ‘ the flat-pack’ route. Any suggestions on a reputable company in republic of Ireland?

  • julie banks

    Hi Iain cameron would you possibly put the link to your website up as my Partner and i live in wales and would love to have a look at it as we are contemplating a flat pack home?

    Thanks Julie

  • Dave E

    Great idea, as the build costs continue to rise these kits will surely become bigger and bigger hits.

  • Paul

    I would like a flat pack castle! any manufacturers?

  • Shila

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows any Prefab Extension companies out there? Looking to extend the kitchen in to the garden by 3m x 6m.

  • Shila

    Thanks guys for all your help, I am now going on the websites suggested. I let you all know how it goes!

  • Donna Derrick

    looking for a reputable manufacturer of flat pack homes in Ireland?

  • chris paterson

    thought the beach house last night looked great. is there a website for them?

  • Lorraine

    Hi please can you tell me some companies who do these flat pack homes.
    thank you

  • Roger Jenkins

    Have just bought a 1950’s bungalow and looking for inspiration! We do not want stairs but room at back for development. Any thoughts?

  • carole toohey

    I live in the north west looking at extending our bungalow really interested in flat pack do you know of any suppliers we could contact

  • margaret hood

    I am looking for a bungalow type building to go at the bottom of my garden for my mum and wondered if that the type of building you did if so can you send me details please

  • M Clarke

    We have a budget of £20.000 for a small kitchen extension and wondered if you could recommend any Scandanavian companies??
    Thank you.

    • ioneil

      Where are you based?

  • Reply

    I would like to know what a flat pack 2bedroom bungalow would cost with a on bathroom on suite and open planned patio doors and windows.

  • Reply

    Were are they make the Flat Pack homes.

  • roy carbis

    we are planning to rebuild our beach hut we have plans for a three bedroomed two bathroom one on suite livingroom kitchen utility room and was wondering what price we would be looking at as an estimate it needs to be a bungalow

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