George’s new ‘micro-living’ series starts soon!

Watch out for ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’ a brand new series about ‘micro-living’ which will hit your screens on 23rd of October at 8pm on channel 4 and every week for 6 weeks.

In the series, George explores the extraordinary world of small builds, where people turn tiny spaces into the most incredible places to live, work and play.

He even tries making one of his own.

George meets a couple who have invested their life savings in the hope of converting a wreck of a bus into a holiday let.

He also sees how an old underground toilet has been transformed into a stunning apartment and how a horsebox has been given a new lease of life as a family holiday home.

And George’s own caravan build gets off to a shaky start as his builder fails to see the potential in this hulk of rusting metal from the 1970s.

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  • Barrel top wagons

    Hello George, We are a small company based in Devon creating stunning structures from wood. We live in one and fully embrace the micro living concept – we don’t need big homes that cost the earth! Have a look at ouor website and for more up to date photo’s see our facebook page. Jo

  • Katie Horne

    looking forward to watching !

  • Susan Mills

    Loved the first show. I now want a caravan and an underground loo.

  • Bradley Green

    Love the series after just one episode! Cannot wait to see how the caravan turns out.. I thought the two smaller horizontal windows would make fantastic individual bunk bed windows. Inspired to transform a caravan myself now! Can’t wait for next week..

  • greg

    I simply love these programmes that deal with life in la-la land. Thanks for driving the price of small homes even more.

  • Liz Hendricks

    I’ve just finished watching your new programme – Amazing places and absolutely loved it!!! We too have three small kids and a year ago had a 1977 VW Campervan converted… An Australian piece of heaven… With an ultra modern interior.
    Instead of renovating our kitchen, we now have a piece of heaven that has become a member of the family and will prove endless memories for our children.. Totally loved your enthusiasm for nostalgia and family values… Can’t wait to see the rest of the series – its possibly the most enjoyable and entertaining show to date… Brilliant

  • Sharon

    Great series, love it, especially the caravans. I renovate old and curvy caravans on a tight budget hoping your program will bring me many more customers wanting their own little micro home.

  • Elizabeth

    HI George, I am looking to buy a campervan but can’t see exactly what I need so your show has came along at a good time as I have decided tobuy a van and convert it

  • Reply

    Thanks for posting our Tropical Garden Retreat building on CH4 last week. Already had enquiries. Loving the prog, built 2 self builds now after a woodland hideaway!

  • Reply

    and my 2 sons want an underground loo!! LOL.

  • eleanor carlin

    Loving this program,looking forward to seeing how George’s caravan progresses,and to seeing all the other builds,

  • Robin

    Amazing spaces.

    Well done Sir.

    Great program. Very interesting, idea path you have started.
    Certainly, less becomes more. In this world. How much further, are you, going? What comes next? On this path.

  • dot burnett

    is there a video of small spaces and where can it be purchased

  • SwanseaSteve

    Enjoying “Amazing Spaces”, but please stick to using one system of measurement in the presentation. In the episode repeated on “4/7” last night you announced your caravan as being “30ft by 10ft” which your own build team guys promptly contradicted to “10m by 3m” and continued to refer to the measurements in metric from then on! Earlier in the series you’d shown the guy who built the woodland hideout in the Lake District, describing his build all in feet and inches, but you could see his plans on the table at one point, and it was evidently all dimensioned in metres!

    Floor areas in square feet? Come on – it’s the 21st century! Carpet, wooden flooring or tiles all come in square metres these days!

    In fact – any of us who are building things are likely to be doing it in metric (because that’s how the materials come). It does help if programmes like this stick to that system just so we can draw comparisons between our attempts and other peoples’ builds.

    But keep up the series – there’s some fascinating ideas on show. And it does make an amusing contrast with “Grand Designs” where nothing much comes out at less than about ½million quid!

  • Doug Palmer

    Absolutely loving these programs, I’m 23 and into everything ‘cool’ and ‘retro’ etc, all these small space builds are amazing, some great ideas people have.
    Over the last few years I’v restored 2 VW splitscreens, they have been my pride and joy but I no longer have one and I really fancy a small micro caravan or teardrop trailer to tow somewhere for short holidays and park up even for a day by the beach surfing etc, a mix of easy to store, functionality, good use of space and chill out any time of year. (Is it possible?! its also far cheaper than trying to afford to keep/run the camper) I’v been really inspired by your programs, especially your own build, not really any limit to the space with that wall! I’m now just trying to convince the misses to let me build something! The eBay hunting continues..

  • Kay Bradbury

    Please let me know if and when it will be out on DVD, I need it for a present for someone who missed it.

  • Dee

    Hi I was wondering would anyone know of places where you can rent a small wooden cabin/lodge as seen in George’s programmes preferably in a forest area – just love the idea of micro living and would like to try out!

  • Nigel Ogden

    Very good program, but some of the money spent is way over the top.

  • Liz Jeannet

    I’d also like to know if it will be available on DVD – also as a gift for a friend who missed some of it.

  • Julie

    I was just watching the episode with the Williams Bros bus. In the 1980’s that bus took me to school for going on six years.. we called it the ‘Amoeba’.

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