Huge victory for George’s Empty Homes Campaign as Gov’t reprieves Liverpool homes

The Government has stepped in to prevent a planning application and compulsory purchase order which would have seen the demolition of hundreds of homes in Liverpool.

The area – highlighted in George’s Empty Homes Campaign and TV show – looked doomed but has now been reprieved.

A delighted George said: “DCLG told me recently that because of our campaign nearly 10,000 empty homes have been brought back into use through their department – the funding was allocated and spent by councils on genuinely bringing empty homes back into use). This was direct government action with funding and it worked. They believe many more thousands will have been brought back into use through our campaign raising awareness generally with the public. All amazing!

But what I’m most proud of is that we changed government policy con-lately…they took on board all of my recommendations following my Empty Homes Review and Eric Pickles used this as ammunition to step in and save so many homes marked for demolition.

“We achieved, what no one ever thought possible, is we have recently saved Welsh Streets in Liverpool…the hotbed of the entire empty homes campaign. The Government has called in the planning application for the demolition of 439 houses in the Welsh Streets and he refused the planning application and the Compulsory Purchase Order!”

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