Join George tonight for a live debate on the C4 website after the update to The Great British Property Scandal

Join George Clarke in a live webchat immediately after The Great British Property Scandal: Every Empty Counts airs on Channel 4.

George will be answering questions from 9pm on Wednesday 7th November and discussing some of the issues that surround Britain’s empty homes scandal.

If you have any questions for George about his quest to bring Britain’s empty homes back into use then join him after the show on the Channel 4 website here

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  • Stuart Young

    good stuff george simple solution to big housing problem.shapps and that scouser aint got a clue

  • Riichard Dawson

    Hi George Saw some of the programme last night. Having worked with local communities, individuals and employers to help improve employment, oportunities, I have come accross schemes to improve social housing. Please excuse me if I am telling you something you already know, but in my experience funding is the main issue. This is probaly more relevant in the current economic climate when all local authorities are looking for savings and ways of making money. In the past to undertake any support which was considered to be outside of a local authorities regional development plan, or what ever it is currently called, was to secure additional funding. This was frequently through ESF (European Social Funding). This process can be involved. If you would like to discuss further please send me an email, direct and I will provide you with my phone number, as typing in this small box is not ideal. Keep up the good work.Good luck. Kind regards Richard

  • B

    Hi George,

    When Councils look to prioritise empty homes due to the money they can recieve from the New Homes Bonus Bolton Council proposes to cut its one and only Empty Homes Officer.

    This officers work featured on the HCA website as best practice and the Council had made big strides to reduce the number of empty homes within the borough utilising both informal and formal procedures for owners who failed to cooperate.

    Now the Council empty homes work will be an add-on to a service which is overstretched so will no longer be a priority.

    As a landlord i now fear that empty homes surrounding my properties will drag down the value, increase ASB to name a few. And i now won’t have an officer to contact to discuss the Councils actions to reduce empty homes.

    Bad day for your campaign which i support and a bad day for Bolton

    Boltons empty homes will remain empty with the Council no longer prioritising this piece of work.



    What about all the empty pubs. Couldn’t they be converted into apartments?

  • Reply

    Sadly we don’t have the same schemes here in Northern Ireland …Jac x

  • brian cusack

    hi george fantastic watchingyourprogrames could you look on yu tube ref grat barr hall BIRMINGHAM i think this building is write up your street very interesting cheers brian cusack

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