My Top 5 Items

my top 5 items

1. My iPhoneiphone

I couldn’t live without my iPhone.
It’s not only a beautiful thing but it keeps you in touch with the world. The downloadable applications allow me to do everything – including keeping you guys up to date via my Twitter account.

2. My Eames Lounge Chair and Ottomaneames

This has to be the best chair ever designed.
The ultimate design classic. released in 1956 after years of development by designers Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller furniture company. It was the first chair the Eames designed for a high-end market.

3. My Bell&Ross (model BR01-94 Titanium)

The most stunning and unique watch design. It’s a joy to wear! Bell & Ross was formed in 1992 to be a part of the Swiss watchmaking tradition, while also meeting the demands of men facing extreme situations. Now the likes of astronauts, pilots, divers, and bomb disposal experts use Bell & Ross watches…and now architects!

4. My real fire at homefire

The Conmoto Balance Modular Stove system designed by Peter Maly. It’s the most beautiful looking fire and storage system. It looks amazingly simple and elegant and it belts out the heat. It makes my place feel like the most cosy and romantic home. Visit

5. My Moleskin sketchbooks and notebooksmoleskin

They are the best sketchbooks in the world and have been used by some of the greatest artists, architects and writers. I always carry one with me and I’ve got hundreds at home packed full of drawings and ideas. Everyone should carry one.

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  • KrisBelucci

    Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.

  • Mark Forrest

    I KNEW you would love and own an Eames chair, a beauty and I hope to own one, one day.

    iPhone pretty cool too. I have the iPod touch but NEED the phone when my contract is up in September. There may be a new/updated iPhone on the cards soon…………….

    Take care and keep doing what you do, I love it.

    Mark x

    • George Clarke

      Thanks Mark…I’m sure you’ll have an Eames chair soon…they are super comfortable and look beautiful for years to come! I truly appreciate you watching the show…9 more to go! George

  • Andy C

    I love my iPod and MacBook! I’ve been a total Apple geek since i took the plunge and bought my first iPod a few years ago. I would have to say my favourite item of furniture is my Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair. Stunning and timeless design.

    • George Clarke

      Andy…good stuff…nothing beats Apple! I can’t go near a PC without breaking out in a cold sweat! I’m lucky enough to have a few barcelona chairs…they are absolutely beautiful pieces and I love them, but they don’t quite have the same level of comfort as the Eames Chair…if you are an old man like me then the Eames lounge chair to collapse in after a day of hard work is absolute heaven! George

  • Tash

    I must agree with your choice of chair the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is truly beautifu but i think the Egg Chair Designed by Arne Jacobsen to me that’s a hard choice between the two

  • John Jackson

    Hi there George,
    I’m a total convert to wood burning stoves, even over open fires, so Im with you on the fire front!
    But I’m happy with the rumors I’m hearing about possible wood shortages this winter due to the increased popularity of stoves!
    Great site too George.

  • Frankie

    Moleskine are my absolute favourite brand of notebook ever! I can’t live without my Moleskine daily organiser, They’re brilliant, love them :D.

  • Emma

    Hi George, I recently started watching the Home Show and love it.

    I also love the watch you wear on the show; it’s not the Bell & Ross above, it’s a stainless steel one with a white face, it’s just the kind of thing I’ve been looking for for my hubby, can you tell me what it is please?

  • richard mayola

    hi George..

    totally love your show… entertaining and educational at the same time…

  • mollyandjade

    Hi can I just ask…are the Moleskine sketchbooks made from Mole skins? just asking because I want one but i’m not sure whether I want one made form Moles.

  • LouMad

    Hi George, me and my husband are massive fans of the home show it’s fantastic! And just had to ask, what’s your favourite iPhone app!!?

    Lou x

  • Amanda

    Hi Goerge! Started watch Home Show and i love it!! We watch it every day… shame about the repeats tho :-( Wish i had the money for you to do up my home! Your work is amazing!!

    Lots of Love Amanda x

  • hamish Dow

    George, fabulous show. You always show great enthusiasm and respect. Not only that you shine as a man who has passion for what he does and cares deeply. I take my hat off to you.
    As for your tastes, I concur. Bell and Ross what a quality chrono. otheres I covert are: Patek, Chanel (with the black ceramic strap) and Jaeger le Coutre reverso. I can run to an Oris which I love, but whenever you get tired of your Bell……
    I was wondering if the garden room at the retirement home was by Scott Horner’s company? It looks so much like one of his units, he incidentally is the son of one of my patients.
    Anyway good luck you remain one of the most watcheable presenters on tv.
    Best wishes

  • Geoff Adams

    Hi George
    Really interesting to see what inspires other designers these days. I myself am the proud owner of a Barcelona daybed and 2 Wassilly chairs. No matter where I go these days they end up travelling with me and are always my source of inspriation and reinvigoration when it comes to where aI am at in my head design-wise. Right now they sit in the front sitting room of my upper floor Edwardian apartment in St John’s, Newfoundland (North America’s oldest city). As an architect turned theatre practioner architecture is deeply rooted in my soul no matter where my focus takes me.
    Really enjoy your show and looking forward to the upcoming new one on BBC Canada.

  • john williams


    where is the mention for bi-fold doors? I always watch the show to see which room they will be installed in

    can’t wait to see them in the historic buildings!!! :)

  • Fleur Hamelin

    Hi George,
    I love the chair but will never be able to afford it. Anything similar that would not cost me a month salary?
    I started watching your show on 4OD and really appreciate it, I also find your voice very soothing. I wish I could have it on an MP3 Player when my wee one start making a fuss and tantrums, it would calm me down.
    I have a question though, my husband and I are slowly but surely saving money for a deposit but in the mean time we are renting and with a 18 months old addition I would like to know if you have any tips orideas on how maximize space without doing any alterations.
    Enjoy your holidays.

  • Tim

    Nice stuff you’ve got there. I like it))) Thanks for the show, just love watching it, by the way, I’m gonna be an architect too)))

  • Amie

    This has just made my night :) as an art technician in a school this is often a topic that pops up! Eames chair is a must especially wih an open fire. The box is ticked on the fire and now need to work on the boyfriend to changed his mind on the chair! My students love their i phones, couldn’t live without them and one even wanted a a Bell and Ross Watch! They will love this when I ahow them! Needless to say i did think the Bi-fold doors would be up there! :)

  • lucy

    i am suffering withdrawal symptoms from resteration man, is there a new series planned?
    really hope so!

  • Karina

    Hi Mr Clarke. My husbond and i, are whatching the home show i Denmark. Loved the show about Danish design. Arne Jacobsen chairs are beautiful and comfortable at the same time!..;-) You are amazing and gifted with your passion for design. We love the show. By the way, my husband is english and thinks brittain need more people like you! iPhone 4 rules!!!…;-) Thank you for the hard efford at every single show, you make people Happy:-) Love Karina, Joshua(my 2 year old son) and Shaun x x x

  • david

    what was the watch george clarke was wearing las night program 20 january 2012

  • Roz

    I adore moleskin books, have only recently discovered them, now always have one with me to doodle in. Would love an Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman – Oh one day

    Great to learn more about you though. Thanks for this x

  • Emma Jenkins

    Hi George,
    You bought your Lounge chair & ottoman from us at Couch Potato company a few years ago…glad you are still enjoying it. It’s still one of our favourite items too – it’s iconic. And it literally is one the most comfortable chairs in the world. I seem to remember we gave you a fantastic deal on it 😉 Cheers, Emma. p.s Love your show too

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