Party Walls

Whether you are planning an extension, loft conversion or basement to your property, there is a very good chance that you will either be digging foundations at a lower level than your neighbour’s property or affecting party walls, structures and boundaries shared with your neighbours.

In all of these situations, you will need initially to obtain advice from experienced Party Wall Surveyors and The Hopps Partnership are an extremely experienced firm in this field.THP_Hi_Res

They will be able to provide you initially with advice as to whether your scheme falls under the control of the Party Wall etc Act, 1996 and then deal with all issues for you.

Remember, that you do not necessarily have to be sharing a party structure, as digging foundations also falls under the control of The Act within certain distances of neighbouring properties.

Obtaining a Party Wall Approval is a civil matter between you and your neighbours and is entirely separate to matters such as obtaining Planning Consent or Building Regulation Approval.

You must ensure therefore that you have all the necessary Party Wall agreements in place in good time before starting work and I am happy to recommend The Hopps Partnership who will be able to assist you in all aspects pertaining to Party Walls matters

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    Hi could you advise me i have a dining room which i want to put french doors in and they will eventually lead into a conservatory opening double doors may take up too much space would you go for sliding doors? many thanks melissa x

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