I love flat-pack technology

Flat pack houses are becoming one of the fastest growing products in the housing market, but make sure you do your research into the type of systems available to suit your particular site and your own personal taste.

The 3 main advantages of flat-pack homes is that the systems are very affordable, they are relatively easy to put together and they are also fast to build. Also, as all of the components are pre-made in the factory the standard of manufacture is usually very high. flat_packMany companies in the UK are now keen to jump on the ‘cheap to buy, easy to build flat-pack bandwagon’ so there is healthy competition in the market.

Obviously with flat-pack technology you are buying a standard item, in a similar way to buying a car, so there is very little scope for you to be adventurous with your own unique architectural design, but there are some interesting contemporary designs out there so its not much of a compromise.
Make sure you approach a manufacturer with a proven track record for high quality homes.
The Scandanavian’s have been developing flat pack systems for years and are still regarded as the best in the world so this is where your research should begin.

Personally, I love any prefabrication or flat pack technology and often think building this type of home is far more interesting and fun than a traditional self-build.

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